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Cookies Used On This Website Below, you will find a list cookies created and read when browsing the OpenText Website. We have grouped these cookies based on the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) cookie guide, which currently identifies four categories: 1.  Strictly necessary cookies 2.  Performance cookies 3.  Functionality cookies 4.  Targeting or advertising cookies Category 1: Strictly Necessary Cookies Strictly necessary cookies are those whose storage is necessary to provide the services explicitly requested. We use them to remember you as having logged into this Website, enabling you to use shopping cart checkout, as well as other Website applications you have requested. These cookies are "strictly necessary" to provide services "explicitly requested" by you; allowing these cookies is a condition of using this Website. The following list includes strictly necessary cookies: Cookie Name Description Cookie Type CAMS_SID_OT_SYSTEM A key that is set when signing in to OT Connect and removed when signing out. Required to grant signed-in users access to protected assets. First party CAMS_AUTOLOGIN_OT_SYSTEM Stores a key that is required to access protected assets through OT Connect. It is only set on demand of the user to remember the user for subsequent visits. First party CAMS_SID_OT_CS A key that is set when signing in to the Knowledge Center, Customer Self-Service or Solutions Central, and that gets removed when signing out. Required to grant signed-in users access to these Web sites which are reserved for customers. First party so_email This cookie stores the email address a user enters when registering or signing in to OpenText Connect in order to access protected assets or services. If sign in fails, the cookie's value is required by our backend systems to identify the reason for authentication failure. First party trainingregistry Related to Learning Services shopping cart. Set when a user adds items, such as training courses, to the shopping cart. First party ASPSESSIONID* Required to identify requests from the same user during a limited time window as a session, when using an application. First party JSESSIONID Invoked by playing embedded OTVS video or audio assets. Used to identify users to the specific application server. First party ARRAffinity JavaScript session cookie related to load balancing. First party   bdetect JavaScript session cookie set by OpenText. First party   websitemanagement Used on the microsite. First party cc_necessary cc_analytics cc_social cc_advertising cc_ineu Used for tracking cookie preferences. First party Category 2: Performance Cookies Performance cookies collect anonymous information on the pages visited. We use performance cookies to collect information about how visitors use our Website. All information these cookies collect is aggregated and therefore anonymous; the information these cookies collect is only used to improve how our Website works. The following Performance cookies are used by our Website:   Cookie Name Description Cookie Type nstein-3s-pf This cookie contains a random session ID set by the OpenText Semantic Navigation search application when searching for a term through the search box on top right of any page on This helps to remember user preferences across multiple searches during the same session. The actual preferences are stored server-side in a session file. First party __utma __utmb __utmc __utmZ _ga _gat_UA-34876862-1   These cookies are set by Google Analytics to collect anonymous traffic data as described in the Google Analytics Terms of Service. They contain a random unique visitor ID, timestamps and information about the visit, including referrals. The actual visit data is logged server-side by Google. Google provides OpenText aggregated reports that help us analyze how visitors use our Websites and where they were referred from, in order to improve user experience and measure the impact of search engine optimization and advertising. We do not track or collect personally identifiable information, or associate any Google Analytics data with any personally identifying information from other sources. First party WEBTRENDS_ID ACOOKIE These cookies are set by the WebTrends analytics tool when a visitor first visits an OpenText Website, and are updated with subsequent visits. They contain the visitor's IP address and timestamps for the first, most recent and current visits. This allows the analytics tool to recognize returning visitors and track their visit data across multiple visits and across multiple OpenText Websites. The analytics data is logged in the analytics tool in pseudonymised form and aggregated to analyze how visitors use our sites in order to improve user experience. First party UID Invoked by viewing a page on our Website that has SlideShare hosted content embedded. ScorecardResearch is the company setting this cookie. They use a combination of web tags and cookies to help Websites count users who have visited and seen a page or various parts of a page. Third party VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE Invoked by viewing a page on our Website that has a YouTube hosted video embedded. This functions as a unique client computer identifier which, in combination with the user's IP address, helps estimate available bandwidth. Third party  __utmz __utmc __utmb __utma _uv_id __utmt _cookie_id SERVERID language Set by Slideshare. Review the LinkedIn cookie policy and go to theLinkedIn settings page to opt out. Third party Category 3: Functionality Cookies Functionality cookies remember choices you make and are used to improve your experience. We use functionality cookies to track user visit data in pseudonymised form, unless a visitor provides us their personal data through creating a profile. The following functionality cookies are used by our Website:   Cookie Name Description Cookie Type ELOQUA This cookie is set by the Eloqua Marketing Automation Tool. It contains a unique identifier to recognize returning visitors and track their visit data across multiple visits and multiple OpenText Websites. This data is logged in pseudonymised form, unless a visitor provides us with their personal data through creating a profile, such as when signing up for events or for downloading information that is not available to the public. For details, see the Oracle privacy policy. See opt out information. First party ELQSTATUS Indicates whether a visitor may be tracked. For details, see Oracle's privacy policy and opt out information. Third party PREF YSC Set by embedded YouTube content. See Google's privacy policy and cookie information. Third party Category 4: Targeting Cookies Targeting cookies collect information about your browsing habits in order to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. Targeting cookies to allow you to easily link to social sites like Facebook. This information about your activity could be used to target advertising. The following are the targeting cookies set by a third party on your device: Cookie Name Description Cookie Type __unam __uset __stid UIDR UID Set by "ShareThis" widget embedded on the site. The ShareThis service can identify a visitor if they have separately signed up with ShareThis for a ShareThis account (and provided their consent). This information may be used to display advertisements on sites that include the ShareThis sharing icon or sites that use ShareThis Services. Visit ShareThis to Opt Out. Refer to the Scorecard Research privacy policy and click here to opt out. Third party sess uuid2 Set by Eloqua contact forms for the AppNexus Platform. For details on information collected and used by the AppNexus Platform, see the privacy statement and opt out procedure. Third party BizoID BizoCustomSegments BizoUserMatchHistory _bizo_bzid _bizo_cksm _bizo_np_stats Tracking for Bizo anonymous business demographics data collection. See Bizo's cookie information and opt out procedure. Third party tuuid Demandbase cookie set in Eloqua contact forms. See the Demandbase privacy policy. Click here to opt out. Third party   _rt_lt Set by ReTargeter for advertisement re-targeting. For more information, see the ReTargeter privacy policy and instructions for opting out. Third party ck1 dids718115371 rlas3 rtn1 TowerData data collection cookie set by Eloqua contact forms. Review the TowerData privacy policy and opt out information. Third party TapAd_DID TapAd_TS Set by Tapad. Review the Tapad privacy policy for opt out information. Third party NID Set by Google for ad customization. See Google's privacy policyand cookie information. Third party   Facebook Twitter Features for sharing via Facebook. Does not set a cookie by itself, but if one is present it will read it. Features for sharing via Twitter, and viewing tweets by other people. For details, see Facebook's privacy policy. Third party   Further Reading Information about cookies For more information on the EU Cookie Directive, visit Cookiepedia at Useful information about the technical aspects of cookies can be found at: Behavioural advertising and online privacy A guide to behavioural advertising and online privacy has been produced by the internet advertising industry which can be found at: